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Note: Navigation limited to the state of Nebraska (40° to 43° N lat x 95° to 104° W long)

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(AIR) Clean Air Act
(BF) Brownfields
(IWM) Integrated Waste Management
(LST) Leaking Storage Tanks
(LWC) Livestock Waste Control
(ME) Mineral Exploration
(OWT) Onsite Wastewater Treatment
(PCS) NPDES Permits and Compliance
(RA) Release Assessment
(RAP) Remedial Action Plan
(RCR) Resource Conservation Recovery
(SF) Superfund
(TL3) SARA Title III
(UIC) Underground Injection Control
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At the point where you want to search for facilities within a 10 mile radius, right click on the map and select the " Facility Search - Radial" option.

NOTE: The map will zoom to any selected area.

  Choose a tool, below, to select an area on the map for a targeted Facility Search.

  At times, a map search may need to be refreshed to fully load. Click this option to re-initiate a search in the last selected area again.

  Refresh Last Facility Search

  Gather all selected Facilities from map to the Facilities Search Results grid.

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